Version history


version 3.4.1 – released on May 9, 2018

Bug Fixes
  • [Vasodilation] bug fixing in the study review
  • minor bug fixes in Archive
  • other several minor bug fixes


version 3.4.0 – released on March 28, 2018

Additional Features
  • improved diameter analysis in Carotid Studio
  • improved controls in the User Interface
  • advanced cursor in Study Review
  • filtering studies by operator and institute
  • improved the mechanism of database backup
  • added eIFU icon for the user manual
  • added a link for opening the study folder
  • added a log file
Bug Fixes
  • fixed a bug that causes application crashes when closing a windows
  • fixed calibration range
  • [Carotid Studio] fixed analysis fails with large ROI
  • [Carotid Studio] bug fixing in the algorithm sensitivity
  • [FMD Studio] bug fixing in the algorithm that caused software crash
  • improvements in check of licensing system
  • minor bug fixes in Archive
  • other several minor bug fixes

version 3.3.1 – released on December 28, 2017

Bug Fixes
  • [Windows] minor fix in the licensing system
  • [FMD Studio] missing detection of the maximum diameter in Vasodilation

version 3.3.0 – released on July 26, 2017

Additional Features
  • automatic licensing system
  • navigation improvement between archive and documents review
  • possibility to enlarge the video panel in study review
  • smart visualisation of results and information in study review
  • advanced document (results and instantaneous data) export from the Archive section
  • export of aggregated results from multiple studies
Bug Fixes
  • [Windows] solved frame rate bug for real-time analysis using Epiphan Frame Grabber HD
  • other several minor bug fixes

version 3.2.0 – released on Mar 28, 2017

Additional Features
  • [FMD Studio] smarter management of the timeline
  • [FMD Studio] less restrictive constraints on time intervals
  • integration with the new easy-to-use Epiphan Frame Grabber HD for realtime analysis
Bug Fixes
  • several minor bug fixes

version 3.1.0 – released on Dec 12, 2016

Additional Features
  • Mutiple selection of studies and documents that can be imported, exported and deleted together
  • Faster creation of a new study with automatic selection of the last used operator and institute
  • Quick preview of the results contained in your documents from the archive management panel
Bug Fixes
  • Several minor bug fixes.

version 3.0.2 – released on Oct 27, 2016

Bug Fixes
  • [FMD Studio] Crash on the second performed study.

version 3.0.1 – released on May 13, 2016

This is a new generation of Cardiovascular Suite, based on an innovative user interface and a more efficient video management.

Additional Features
  • Compatible with both Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X.
  • New User Interface.
  • New Archive.
  • Offline video management improved.
  • Optimisation of recoded video.
  • More efficient ROI management.
  • Calibration improved.
  • Presets.
  • New license manager.
  • [FMD Studio] Flexible timeline management.
  • [FMD Studio] New Doppler setup.
  • [FMD Studio] Both the Shear Rate and the Flow Velocity data displayed and exported.
  • [Carotid Studio] Algorithm performances improved and sensitivity control added.
  • [Carotid Studio] Real time heart cycles analysis.

version 2.9.3 – released on Mar 22, 2016

Bug Fixes
  • Epiphan devices on Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan.

version 2.9.2 – released on September 08, 2015

Bug Fixes
  • Several minor bug fixes.

version 2.9.0 – released on Jun 30, 2015

Additional Features
  • Support for Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite
Bug Fixes
  • Minor bug fixes.

version 2.8.1 – released on Jul 30, 2014

Bug Fixes
  • Corrected live acquisition of NTSC video signal.
  • Multiple studies import fixed.
  • Minor bug fixes.

version 2.8.0 – released on Oct 30, 2013

Additional Features
  • [Carotid Studio] Real-time acquisition improved
  • Support for new Frame Grabber
  • Support for Mac OS X 10.9 Maverick
  • Multiple study import implemented
Bug Fixes
  • [FMD Studio] Modified cursor position is not saved.
  • [FMD Studio] Doppler Flow ROI larger than 700px is not working.
  • [FMD Studio] Use of Reset button in real-time may result in a wrong video sync in the document.
  • [FMD Studio] Wrong video sync in the document when using H264 video codec.
  • Several minor bug fixes.

version 2.7.0 – released on Mar 4, 2013

Additional Features
  • Support for VGA/DVI/HDMI video
  • Licenses based on Dongle Key
Bug Fixes
  • User Manual crash
  • Several minor bug fixes.

version 2.6.2 – released on Nov 9, 2012

Additional Features
  • Modified License agreement
Bug Fixes
  • [FMD Studio] Failures in the localization of zero line in doppler flow analysis

version 2.5.0 – released on Sept 23, 2012

Additional Features
  • [FMD Studio] Negative Doppler Flow Analysis.
  • [FMD Studio] Instantaneous diameter export.
  • [Carotid Studio] Improved border tracking algorithm.
Bug Fixes
  • [FMD Studio] Shear Rate value.
  • [Carotid Studio] Inaccurate localization of systolic and diastolic diameter.
  • Minor bug fixes.