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Download Trial Version
  Cardiovascular Suite
Ultrasound Edition
ver. 2.4.0 build 89 (102.4 Mb)
We invite you to download a 15-day fully functional trial version of Cardiovascular Suite UE, including FMD Studio and Carotid Studio.
The software runs on Apple Computers, activation by email and Internet connection are required.

Minimum system requirements:

• MacBook Pro or iMac, Intel Core 2 Duo.
• 2GB RAM memory, 120GB Hard Disk, 1280x800 resolution, Firewire 800.
• Mac OS X 10.5, QuickTime 7 o later.
• Grass Valley - Canopus ADVC55 hardware video converter (optionally required to capture analog video).

Video Tutorial
  FMD Study (2.3 Mb) The video shows how to perform a full FMD study in Cardiovascular Suite.
  FMD Document (2.4 Mb) Explore how you can review your analysis with FMD Studio documents.
  Carotid Study (0.9 Mb) The video shows how to perform a full Carotid study in Cardiovascular Suite.
  Carotid Document (1.5) Explore how you can review your analysis with Carotid Studio documents.
  Archive (1.4 Mb) Working with the archive.
  Software Installation (2.5 Mb) How to install Cardiovascular Suite on your Computer.
  Login and Accounts (1.1 Mb) How to login into the system and manage (create/modify/delete) user's accounts.
  Calibration (1.1 Mb) Examples of image calibration.
  Setting Doppler Analysis (2.3 Mb) See how to set Doppler analysis to obtain shear stress values in real-time.

Data Examples
  FMD video clip (175.9 Mb) 10 minutes long file of brachial FMD (1-min. baseline, 5-min. ischemia, 4-min. vasodilation).
  Carotid video clip (7.6 Mb) 20 seconds long file of carotid artery.

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